Since I was young I've always felt the need to express myself artistically. Back then it was mostly through painting or sketching but it wasn't until I picked up a camera for the first time that I knew I had found something truly special. It was love at first snap! What began as a hobby quickly became my true passion. The correlation between the natural world and the man made world has always fascinated me and I think that is conveyed through my photos. Whether it is a wedding, country landscape or an abandoned building, I strive to find beauty in every scene.

Shooting weddings and portraits is something I feel privileged to be a part of. Helping people preserve memories that will last a lifetime is such an amazing feeling. I believe in a fun, light atmosphere for all my photo shoots but I will capture all those important moments whether serious or playful. My work has been displayed in Garfield Artworks and Mt. Lebanon Library. I've worked with and learned from Ann Louise Photography who are regarded as some of the best wedding photographers in Pittsburgh. I don't believe in being confined to a studio. Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are an amazing place to photograph and I try to utilize that as much as possible. With the world as your backdrop, you will be part of something original and personalized for you.

_Derek Chase Dibrell