Best of 2016 - Urbex, Landscapes, Cityscapes

December 20, 2016  •  4 Comments

This year has been sort of a photographic roller coaster for me. I can honestly say I've traveled more this year than any other year before and I was able to capture some fantastic images as well as unforgettable memories with good friends. I'm fortunate to have a schedule that allows me to take these mini road trips and friends who are ready to take off on a whim. Aside from urbex and architectural photography I was able to get some great waterfall and nature photos at places like Hocking Hills, OH and Finger Lakes region, NY. It was a nice change of pace and definitely some of my favorite locations I've seen this year. There's been some pretty challenging moments as well. A few that come to mind are falling in the Delaware River in Philly in January (which i can laugh about now), getting my tires slashed and being stranded in a not so great neighborhood in Detroit and receiving a trespassing fine in central Pa. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I put myself in dicy situations sometimes but to me it is all worth it in the name of creative expression. I know there are a lot of photos here but it was very difficult for me to narrow down. Thank you for all the support from people who have purchased prints or shown love on Facebook and Instagram. It is very much appreciated. I will also be posting a "best of 2016 wedding edition" so be on the lookout for that. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Jack Dibrell(non-registered)
Each and every one of these works of art portrays a completely different mindset and evokes its own set of feelings, both in the brain and in the heart!
At least that's the way I see it, and that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
Excellent work, and kudos to YOU...congrats on jobs well done! (as opposed to medium rare - sorry, I couldn't resist...!!)
Very cool... I'm loving the nature shots, and oh that yellow real-life dollhouse! Love! Thanks for sharing!
Vivian Dibrell(non-registered)
These photos are so interesting and creative. You show us a new way of looking at things, especially the crumbling architecture. And the waterfalls and landscapes are so beautifully captured, it feels like you could just step into the photo. They would be spectacular as enlargements on a wall. Nice job!
Mike Cronin(non-registered)
Great work, you've got a great eye!
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