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Caitlin & Jonathan - Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

September 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Some of you may recognize Caitlin & Jonathan from previous blog posts when I photographed their engagement session as well as Jonathan's proposal. I feel privileged to have captured some of the most important moments of their life and they have been awesome to work with along the way. Their wedding day was quite an interesting one. Rain threatened the forecast but we had the necessary backup plans in order so I put it in the back of my mind and pushed forward photographing the bridal prep while Jason grabbed some photos of Jonathan and the guys. The ceremony was held at St. Mary of the Mount, which is not only a beautiful church but the location is so convenient to pop outside afterward and grab some great photos on Grandview Ave. with the city as the backdrop. Jonathan was in the Navy so he had a very special sword ceremony lined up just outside the church to surprise his guests. It was a really cool touch and something I hadn't seen before. 6 Naval officers lined up outside of St. Mary in full uniform with swords drawn, only letting the couple pass though after giving them "permission to kiss". While this was all going on we started to notice some dark clouds coming in from the west so we decided to do some quick bridal party photos and portraits of the newlyweds on one of the overlooks before we got drenched. When I say dark clouds, I mean apocalyptic, end of the world looking dark clouds. You can see from the photos below which are barely edited, just how ominous it looked. However, I think they turned out fantastic and we finished up with perfect timing as it started pouring just as we went back in the church for formals. 


Caitlin, Jonathan and their bridal a party wanted to stop at Station Square to do a shot and celebrate being newly married after the church formals. We had to wait out the storm anyway so we made a pit-stop at Buckhead Saloon before heading to Soldiers and Sailors Hall in Oakland. The rain was still coming down hard and at one point while driving to the reception it even started to hail. It was disappointing but at least we got a few good photos outside. When we arrived at the hall, we did a few more bride and groom portraits inside the gorgeous auditorium inside Soldiers and Sailors. Afterward we realized that it had finally begun to clear up outside so we took the bridal party outside for a few more photos before they were announced into their reception. So all in all, everything worked out perfect. It's good to be patient and it's even better to have a rain plan because you just never know, especially in Pittsburgh..Thanks once again to Jason Furda for second shooting and thank you to Caitlin and Jonathan for making us feel welcome on your wedding day. Enjoy the photos!


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