I knew when I took that first black and white film class so many years ago that I had found something special. When I have a camera in hand, I lose myself in the best way possible. Photography is my way of living in the moment; channeling creativity and passion through something I truly love. It's amazing to be able to do this for living and I try to be grateful for every second of it.

There's nothing quite like the energy on a wedding day. There's a certain buzz in the air and I think I really feed off the hustle and bustle of everyone. Being a wedding photographer you really have to think on your feet and be a problem solver at times and I love that! Each and every wedding is different so preparation and attention to detail are key. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming but your photography doesn't need to be.

I also have a strong passion for landscape photography and exploring old abandoned ruins around the rustbelt area. When I'm not taking photos you can usually find me enjoying some local cuisine or a craft beer with my fiancée Laura. I'm a cat lover, indie music nerd and avid Pens fan. I'm proud to call Pittsburgh home and I will enjoy capturing its beauty for years to come.

- Derek Chase Dibrell